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Non-circulating weather in Bangkok Metropolitan areas made particulate matter accumulation increased

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Ministry of Natural Resource and Environment

Volume 81/2018, 21 December2018

Non-circulating weather in Bangkok Metropolitan areas made
particulate matter accumulation increased.

Mr. Pralong Dumrongthai, Director General of Pollution Control Department (PCD) revealed the PM2.5 situation in Bangkok Metropolitan areas on 21 December 2018 monitored by PCD and Bangkok Metropolitan Administration's air monitoring stations. It was found that the amount of PM2.5 at roadside areas was measured at 65-103 µg/m3 which air quality affected to health in 20 areas.In the general areas, PM2.5 was measured at 55-96 µg/m3 which air quality affected to health in 14 areas. Major cause of PM2.5 was from traffic emission accompanying with the meteorological condition in the morning with smog and non-circulating weather. These led to increasing of particulate matter accumulation in the air.

Mr. Pralong said that General Surasak Kanjanarat, Minister of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment assigned PCD to coordinate the resolution with the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, metropolitan provinces, the Department of Health, the Department of Disease Control, the Traffic Police Division, the Department of Land Transport and the relevant agencies in line with the measure and guideline of PM2.5 solving operation. The operations included monitoring and reporting PM2.5 situation in Bangkok Metropolitan areas, predicting and warning PM2.5 situation continuously for public acknowledgement, operating the 1 District1 Clean Road Campaign, inspecting and enforcing law regarding black smoke from vehicles and public buses, increasing the road cleaning frequency, campaigning the vehicle maintenances for pollution reduce, controlling particulate matter from construction activities, providing practice communication to the public, asking for people and business entrepreneur cooperation to use public transportation instead of private vehicles, stopping all kind of open burning, and asking for business entrepreneur cooperation to stop using the vehicle with black smoke strictly. Meanwhile PCD in collaboration with the Traffic Police Division has set up the black smoke inspection check points in the Karnjanapisek Road areas in order to control and oversee vehicle emission regarding the standard and also to reduce the particulate matter from vehicles which was the another important cause of PM2.5.

However, people were requested to follow up the situation and information from the governmental agencies closely and without panic. People could spend their normal living, while the venerable people including children, elders, pregnant women and people with medical problems were warned to notice their symptoms and abnormality for further medical treatment. The normal PM2.5 situation was predicted to recover within 2-3 day period and the public can access to real-time air quality data and air quality situation at PCD's website: and via mobile phone with the Air4Thai application, Mr. Pralong said.

Organization Communication Section, Pollution Control Department
Ministry of National Resource and Environment

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