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All sectors have accepted to stop usingplastic bags

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Ministry of Natural Resource and Environment

Volume 4/2019, 10 January 2019

All sectors have accepted to stop usingplastic bags

Mr. Pralong Dumrongthai, Director General of Pollution Control Department (PCD) and Spokesperson of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE) revealed that PCD has followed up the Project on "Do goodness with the heart, decrease environmental impact" in preventing and resolving Thailand 's plastic waste problems. It was found that public sectors, private sectors and manufacturers have collaborated to implement activities throughout the country to reduce using the Single-use Plastic such as waste reduction and separation and also reducing the use of plastic bags, foam boxes and thin plastic cups in the government organizations which were indicated as a performance indicator of the fiscal year B.E. 2562 (2019) of the government executives; the permanent secretariats and the directors general from 152 departments and the governors of 76 provinces. All hospitals under the Ministry of Public Health stopped using plastic bags in medicine containing and requested clients to bring their own cloth bags instead. Moreover the universities under the Sustainable University network reduced using Single-use Plastic in their universities' areas.

Mr. Pralong said that in terms of private sectors and manufacturers, the collaborative activities were such as stopping the use of cap seal throughout the country, reducing the use of plastic bags in the shopping malls and the convenient stores in every 4th day of the month, reducing the acceptance, providing and using of plastic bags in the fresh markets, campaigning the Project on "Reduce one plastic bag in each day, you can do it" by all 7-11 branches countrywide which each plastic bag rejection will return 0.20 baht to the donation fund for medical equipment purchase for Siriraj Hospital, reducing the use of Single-use Plastic cups in the cafe shops (Amazon, Intanin, Starbuck and Cha Pa Yom cafe shops) which the clients bringing their own cups will receive the discount per purchase, etc.

However, people were requested to follow up the situation and information from the governmental agencies closely and without panic. People could spend their normal living, while the venerable people including children, elders, pregnant women and people with medical problems were warned to notice their symptoms and abnormality for further medical treatment. The normal PM2.5 situation was predicted to recover within 2-3 day period and the public can access to real-time air quality data and air quality situation at PCD 's website: and via mobile phone with the Air4Thai application, Mr. Pralong said.
Mr. Pralong said that the Single-use Plastic reduction campaign was well accepted by public sectors, private sectors, manufacturers and people. MONRE would stimulate the policy-level implementation by driving of the Plastic Waste Management Sub-committee under the National Environmental Board which the Plastic Waste Management Roadmap B.E. 2562-2570 was drafting to be used as a guideline framework of Thailand 's plastic waste management later.

Organization Communication Section, Pollution Control Department
Ministry of National Resource and Environment

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