Asia Pacific Roundtable for Cleaner Production

The growing new economies within the Asia Pacific region have raised concern about the environmental impacts generated from the industrialization and urbanization. Pollution has become one of the pressing issues in the region. The introduction of Cleaner Production approach has been seen as a new and innovative strategy to overcome the problem. In the recent years, countries within Asia Pacific region have embraced and implemented Cleaner Production strategies

In 1997 the first Asia Pacific regional conference on CP was held in Bangkok, Thailand. The participants in Bangkok conference agreed that a mechanism to share information and technology, training programs and regional events should be established. As a result a new organization: the Asia Pacific Roundtable for Cleaner Production (ARPCP) was established in 1998.

The mission of APRCP is to provide leadership and support that will enhance information flow and human resource development, and will strengthen public-private partnership to stimulate the promotion and implementation of cleaner production strategies and technologies in the region. The 2nd APRCP regional conference was held in Brisbane, Australia in 1999, then followed by the 3rd APRCP in Manila.

At the closing ceremony of the 3rd APRCP in Manila, Indonesia has been selected as the host for the next 4th APRCP regional conference in the year 2002.


Officers and Board of Trustees of APRCP

Dr. Olivia la O' Castillo, President Phillipine Pollution Prevention Roundtable
Nihal Abeysekera, Vice-President Federation on Chambers of Commerce and lndustry of Sri Lanka
Dr. Yuwaree In-na Treasurer Thailand Pollution Control Department
Eiichiro Adach The Japan Research Institute Ltd.
Dr. Philippe Bergeron Regional Institute of Environmental Technology, Singapore
Philip Berry-NIKE USA
Dr. Chaiyod Bunyagid Thailand Environmental Institute
Dr. Shen-Yann Chiu Environmental Management Association of Taiwan
Jenny Tan Suat Eam Environmental Management and Research Association of Malaysia
Dr. Permod Kumar Gupta National Cleaner Production Centre Lndia
Raymund Leung Asian Society for Environmental Protection Taiwan
Dr. Robert Pagan University of Queensland Australia
Dr. Young Woo Park Korea Institute of Industrial Technology
Dr. Tran Van Nhan Hanoi University of Technology Vietnam
Dr. Elvira Zamora University of the Philippones

4th APRCP Conference

Board of Advisors
Prof. Dr. Emil Salim (former Minister of Demography & Environment)
Erna Witoelar (former Minister of Settlement & Regional Infrastructure)
Nabie Makarim (Minister of Environment)
Rini M. Soewand ( Minister of Industry and Trade)
Prof. Dr. Otto Soemarwoto(Environmentalist)
Aburizal Bakrie (Chairman of the Indonesia Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KADIN)

Steering Committee

Rudy J. Pesik
Palgunadi T. Setyawan
Noke Kiroyan
Muhtadi Sjadzali
Soy Martua Pardede
Hj. Dewi Motik Pramono
Thomas Dharmawan
Surna T. Djajadiningrat E. Gumbira Sa'id

Organizing Committee

Coordinator: Kasru Susilo (Ministry of Settlement and Regional Infrastructure)
Deputy Coordinator: Tomridjo (DML)



Sheraton Mustika Yogyakarta, Resort and Spa, Indonesia. This five star hotel is set within lush tropical landscape and offers the choice of accomodation, dinning, recreation including the Royal Heritage Spa and outstanding convention facilities.


21-24 October 2002


* The Ministry of Industry and Trade, Republic of Indonesia

* The Ministry of Environment, Republic of Indonesia

* Dana Mitra Lingkungen (DML)

Conference Organizer

PACTO CONVEX Ltd. has been appointed as the official Professional Conference and Exhibition Organizer to assist delegates with all travel, accommodation, ground transportation, local tours, car rental and pre-& post conferencetours.


The official language of the conference is English.


The Organizing Committee shall not be liable for personal accidents of losses or damage to Private property of registered participants of the conference. Participants should make their own arrangements with respect to personal insurance.


Whilst every attempt will be made to ensure that all features of the conference mentioned in this announcement will take place as scheduled, the Organizing Committee reserves the prerogative to make changes should the need arise.

Themes and Sub-Topics in the Conference.

Cleaner Production: "Harmonizing Business and Environment" "Still Searching for the Balance"

Policies, Concepts and Strategies

* Cleaner Technology Policies for New Investments
* Incentives for Sustainable Investments
* CP and Environmental Policies
* Local Initiatives in Supporting CP
* CP and Climate Change
* Environmental Indicators & Benchmarking

Investments, Financing and Banking

* Sustainable Investment Trends in Asia
* Lessons Learned in Green Lending
* Greening the Stock Market
* CP Financing

Business and International Trade

* ISO 14000 Trends in Asia Pacific Trade
* CP to Enhance Business Competitiveness
* Proprietary Information Vs. Information Sharing

* CP Financing

International Networks and Partnerships

* Reaching Small-Medium Size Enterprises
* Maximizing Benefits of Regional Networks
* Regional Linking and Sharing in the Internet Age
* Links to WSSD and International Declarations

Implementation & Technology

* Case-Studies from Manufacturing Industries
*Case-Studies from Service Industries
* Case-Studies form Small-Medium Industries
* Experience of Labor Unions with CP in the Workplace
* Technology Transfer

Research, Education and Training

* Industry-Specific Technical Training
* Innovative CP Training
* Competence Building Training

Call for Papers

The conference committee invites all stakeholders "business/industrial sectors; relevant government offices and officials; consultant and research institute: non-governmental organizations and the academia" to submit proposals in any of the following categories as they relate to the conference themes and sub-topics:

* Plenary sessions

* Breakout sessions

* Workshop sessions

Abstract Format

* One page abstract in English, single space, 12 point type, Times New Roman Font, specified adjusted margin (top 3.0 cm, bottom 2.5 cm, left 3.0 cm, and right 2.5 cm,) in hard copy and email (attached file in a Windows version, preferably Microsoft Word, maximum is 400 word-length abstract).

* Title (14 point type, bold) and author names/ addresses at top of page.

* Provide a separate page with proposal title and full contact information, including rank and position, organization, telp./fax, mailing address. Email address.

Send abstracts before 15 April, 2002 to : Tomridjo

4th Asia-Pacific Roundtable for Cleaner Production
c/o Dana Mitra Lingkungan
Pusat Niaga Duta Mas Fatmawati Blok B1/12
Jl. RS. Fatmawati 39, Jakarta 12150 INDONESIA
Tel. (62-21) 724 8884, 724 8885
Fax. (62-21) 724 8883


* Government
* Industries
* Academia
* Consultant
* Non-government organizations
* International Organizations
* Others

We strongly encourage submission of papers and abstracts from the stakeholders to highlight experiences, achievements and new ideas as well as technologies in the effort to improve efficiency.

For further information, expression of interest and the specific format of the abstracts and papers, please contact the 4th APRCP Secretariat.

โทรศัพท์ 0 2298 2258 โทรสาร 0 2298 2202
E-mail : Wijarn(dot)S(at)pcd(dot)go(dot)th

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