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PCD provided metrology knowledge training to build confidence in pollution analysis according to international standards.

Ms. Preeyaporn Suwanaged, Director General of the Pollution Control Department (PCD), revealed that PCD’s missions are 1) monitoring, inspecting, and surveillance environmental quality, 2) supervising sources of pollution, 3) providing advice and assistance on pollution management, and 4) taking action on pollution complaints. These missions require standardized laboratories that can analyze environmental quality data and analyze pollution emissions from the source accurately to ensure reliable reporting and build confidence among those affected by pollution, those who are sources of pollution, the general public, and agencies working with PCD.

Ms. Preeyaporn said that PCD has collaborated with the National Institute of Metrology (Thailand) (NIMT), Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation (MHESI), to develop training courses to build capacity in calibrating and verifying measuring instruments, setting acceptance criteria for each type of instrument, and interpreting calibration certificates of measuring instruments in laboratories. Moreover, PCD organized the training course for PCD officials both in the central office and Environmental and Pollution Control Office 1 -16 on “Metrology knowledge related to environmental quality management work and calibration of measuring instruments in environmental laboratories” between May 31 and June 7, 2024, to develop personnel in environmental metrology measurement and environmental laboratory standard systems for those who work in environmental analysis laboratories.

PCD commits to work in line with academic principles and international standards. The training is important to promote personnel knowledge and expertise in operating, using measuring instruments, and correctly caring for them. These affected the reliability of measurement and analysis results on pollution and environmental quality, strengthened personnel and organizations, and created more confidence for all sectors, Ms. Preeyaporn said.

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