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Pollution Control Department, in collaboration with the Thailand Environment Institute Foundation, has developed high-efficiency prefabricated septic tank labels to reduce wastewater from communities.

Pollution Control Department (PCD) and Thailand Environment Institute Foundation (TEI) signed a Memorandum of Understanding on “Development and Promotion of High-Efficiency Prefabricated Septic Tank Label” to improve the efficiency and standards of prefabricated septic tanks in Thailand to provide more choices for consumers to choose.

Ms. Preeyaporn Suwanaged, Director General of PCD said that Thailand generates more than 11 million cubic meters of community wastewater per day, of which 2.7 million cubic meters per day are treated by 211 community wastewater treatment systems. There are plans to build over 700 more to increase wastewater treatment capacity by 1.7 million cubic meters per day. The remaining 6.6 million cubic meters of wastewater per day must be treated at the source using prefabricated septic tanks. In the past, Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI), Ministry of Industry, has issued an industrial product standard for prefabricated septic tanks for residential buildings (TIS 2962-2562) as a voluntary standard, but there are no septic tanks that have been certified according to this standard.

Ms. Preeyaporn said that from the survey, the main factor in consumers’ decision to buy a septic tank is “price”. From the joint discussion between manufacturers, consumers and relevant agencies, it is considered that there should be a guideline for “High-Efficiency Prefabricated Septic Tank Label” showing the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the elimination of pathogens in wastewater, which is adapted from TIS 2962-2562, which specifies only the treatment efficiency. A team of experts has been appointed to study the evaluation model of high-efficiency prefabricated septic tanks. Septic tank manufacturers were invited to participate in evaluating septic tank efficiency according to the criteria and conditions specified for efficiency certification.

Dr. Wijarn Simachaya, President of TEI, said that TEI and PCD will jointly develop high-efficiency prefabricated septic tank labels that will be widely accepted and used. The label will be designated as a list of environmentally friendly products and services (Green Basket) by PCD. A mechanism will be established for manufacturers to bring prefabricated septic tanks to receive the high-efficiency prefabricated septic tank label certification to provide more choices for consumers. The high-efficiency prefabricated septic tank label will be promoted for widespread use to promote measures to reduce pollution of community wastewater at the source, which can reduce the impact on water quality in water sources in Thailand.

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